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Title: Breathe

Genre: Drama

Logline: It's always a choice.

Premise: Rosie, a troubled young woman on the verge of ending her life, meets Sara, a confident and positive force, who shows her the good in life and love. But when fate hands Rosie yet another blow, will she use her newfound strength to move forward, or find herself right back on the ledge? 

"Breathe" was created by a tireless team of 9 volunteers, working over 9 shoot days spanning 10 months and including almost 100 editing and sound design hours. The entire film was done for no funding and was barely even self-funded - I spent a total of £300 on odd bits and bobs that couldn't be blagged for free - all of which were not essential to the film, so it could have been done for nothing. I also chronicled all of my efforts, right from the start, on how I managed to create a 30-minute short film in 5 locations for no money. You can find that here shortly.