Auguries of Innocence

May 25, 2017

   The first time I came across this quote, I was eleven. It was in the first Tomb Raider movie and I memorised it instantly. The words were so simple, but the ideas behind them felt so big and inspiring, even at that age. Though it could have been that Lara Croft was always my role model when growing up; charismatic, fiercely intelligent, and an all around tough-ass. Unfortunately, I think the time has passed for me to pursue an archaeology degree and achieve a black-belt, but maybe I can have a go at bringing Blake's ideas to life.    

   You might have guessed that I am partial to the influence of the visual medium. I can't begin to express the power I think film and television (and games) possess to influence thoughts, change perspectives and inspire generations. Whether it is used for good or evil is a different debate. It is my dream to establish myself in this world; to create other worlds, start new stories, birth legends, and reveal truths. I realise I speak like a hopeless romantic, but it is the stoic realist in me that has stopped me from pursuing my dreams all these years, so I am determined to adopt a child-like determination and say, 'I WILL do this'.

   That, however, does not make the task ahead of me any less daunting. Although always the 'film buff' amongst my friends, it never occurred to me as a viable option to pursue as a career. It seemed so detached from my life and the opportunities that I had, something only available if you lived in London or LA. Only after I had done my degree in Multimedia Journalism did I discover how much I loved being behind a camera, organising a shoot, creating a story. How much room there was for true innovation - something I don't think is easy to come by in the day-to-day life of the average person nowadays. I have become addicted to the idea of making films.

   BUT – and it’s a big one – where to start? I have scoured the web for further education, masters degrees, short courses, clubs, grants, scholarship initiatives…there are loads of things, but not always where or when you need them. They rarely fit in with a full time job or other responsibilities. And most of them need money and lots of it. That is why I am starting here.

   I am making this website as my online, on-going resume, to keep me focused on my dream. But I also want it to be an avenue for like-minded people. I want to produce movies and maybe move into directing them one day. I have dabbled in camerawork, editing, directing and am constantly writing all-too-ambitious screenplays. From all the research I have done, one thing is clear; it starts with the passion to do it. Your first assignment doesn’t have to be a large budget feature film, it can be a scramble-for-what-you-can-get-and-make-it-work short. So here is my Invitation – if you are an aspiring actor/actress, camera operator, director, sound recordist, editor, composer, script writer, costume designer, make-up artist, special-effects editor, animator, set designer, stunt person… you name it, then get in touch. We will all start with nothing and nothing to lose, but we might gain the world. I look forward to meeting you all.

   If your cursor is hovering over the CONTACT page and you're not sure if you'd even like to work with me, then take a look around first - after all, this industry is pretty subjective. In the next year I will try my hand at producing, screen writing and directing, and I will chronicle my adventures for your amusement and, hopefully, benefit. If not before, may our paths cross on set one day!

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